Tiny Toes

Nurture your childs natural love of movement in our gently structured and relaxed parent and child creative dance class. Using ribbons, hoops, balls, parachutes and other interesting props you and your child can explore the world around us through music and movement. Our 45 minute sessions provide babies and young children the opportunity to socialise and further develop co-ordination and rhythm in a stimulating and fun environment.

Tiny Toes dance classes hamilton pre-school


These classes are suitable for children aged from approximately 3-5 years. Children are introduced to basic dance skills such as marching, skipping, hopping and galloping through movement and imaginative mime. Props used in class help develop children’s musicality and performance. Our pre-school dance classes are enjoyable and fun, offering children an ideal introduction into the world of dance.

dance classes hamilton pre-school


A good basic training in ballet will enable dancers an easier transition into other dance disciplines. Correct posture and turnout are taught and developed throughout each pupils training.

dance classes hamilton ballet


Every ballet dancer aspires to learn pointe, the classic image of ballet. Grade 4 and 5 pre-pointe students will progress to pointe once they have shown a good understanding of basic ballet technique, proper body placement and strength to support full extension of the foot. Pointe students will learn correct technique, strengthening exercises and classical ballet choreography.

Pre-Vocational Ballet Class

Ballet training for students preparing for vocational dance training. This class is designed for talented and committed young dance students who show a passion for dance. Focusing on strengthening and developing classical technique, supporting students’ individual needs and providing insight into dance training at a vocational level this class is sure to nurture and encourage promising dancers.

dance classes hamilton pointe

Vocational Grades

Focusing on advanced technique, students preparing for vocational examinations are offered a more in depth study of dance as they begin their professional training.


Probably one of the most rhythmic forms of dance and should be performed with a theatrical sense of style and performance.

dance classes hamilton tap


Senior Jazz
These classes are for pupils aged 12-16 years. Focus is on the varying and current styles young dancers aspire to perform. Through energetic and fun classes pupils are trained to become more confident performers.
Student Jazz
For advanced students with a good understanding of correct technique. This class helps dancers become more versatile and exciting performers. Students also gain and are encouraged to develop audition skills.

dance classes hamilton jazz


Streetdance refers to dance styles which have evolved outside of dance studios – mainly in open spaces such as streets or parks. Streetdance is very social in nature encouraging interaction between dancers and their audience. Streetdance classes at the dance school allow pupils to express their musicality and creativity while helping their confidence grow.

dance classes hamilton streetdance


Acrobatics is often associated with circus and gymnastics. It is the performance of feats
which require agility, flexibility, strength, co-ordination and balance. Acrobatic and Acro Dance
classes at the school help pupils increase their flexibility and strength whilst adding
another dimension to their dancing performances.

dance classes hamilton acrobatics